Friday, November 16, 2007

I Bonked

The plan for Thursday was 4x1 mile intervals at cruise pace followed by 2x800m at speed interval pace. I decided to do the workout at the gym so I could run sans jogger and use the treadmill (which helps keep me on pace). I am following the Runners World Advanced Marathon Plan. It defines the workout as follows;

Cruise Intervals
For 9-min MGP, run 8:07 (1 mile)... For 8-min MGP, run 7:14 (1 mile), 3:37 (800).

Speed Intervals
For 9-min MGP, run 3:50 (800)... For 8-min MGP, run 3:27 (800).

My original goal was to run a Boston qualifying time. In other words, an 8:30 MGP. I am not certain where I came up with my numbers, but I went into the workout today with the intention of doing the mile intervals at 7:20 and the 800s at 3:27. I should have recalculated my paces...

I started with a 1 mile warm-up at 8:49. A solid pace. I did the 1st mile interval at 7:19 and rested for 2 minutes. I started the 2nd mile at 7:19 but slowed to 7:24 just after the half-mile. I was really fatigued - heavy breathing, high heart-rate - so I took a 3 minute rest and resumed the workout.

I started the 3rd mile interval at 7:24 but opted to stop at the half-mile mark. I couldn't breathe well, my heart was racing and certainly didn't want to collapse, so I played it safe. I rested 2 minutes and did another 800m (1/2 mile) at 7:24 or 3:42. I took a 2 min RI and then I attempted a full mile at 7:30. Half way, I slowed to 7:41. I decided to call it a day - I was beat. I did a 1 mile cool-down at 8:49 and hit the showers.

[On a side note, they really need fans directed on the treadmill - I was sweating profusely - I'm sure those around me were not amused and would probably list me as a factor contributing to their Run Rage.]

I looked up my pace on McMillan and believe now that my paces for the tempo & speed workouts have been too aggressive.... even for my original BQ goal. As the weeks have progressed, I have modified the plan and my goal... I simply neglected to also modify the paces, I've modified only the distances. It is no wonder I haven't been able to maintain the pace for the full distance and thereby why I'm always cutting a mile or two off the prescribed plan.

Anyway - I've been battling a head cold this week as well. I took Tue and Wed off to rest/recuperate. Now this morning, I feel worse than I did on Mon evening/Tue morning. Huh?! I still plan to swim today, though. I'll keep you posted. :D


  1. I love reading about your running! I hate to run but joined a running group about 2 years ago and now I enjoy it...for the social, not so much the running. I did the dirty half in 2:30 but don't really want to run a full marathon...yet. Keep up the good work!

  2. I know what you mean about the fans. Spcly in the winter the gym temp is all funky and too warm.

    Still that was a good workout. Better to take it easy, and I hope that cold cures.

  3. When dh and I worked out at the clubs in California, we brought our portable fans. We haven't need to do that here because we point the big floor fan in the back at far, no one complains yet. Just take it easy...don't run yourself down to the bone. Quality...not quantity. Yes...even for die-hards. Talk to dh if you like and he can make your training more efficient and effective. :0)

  4. Profusely sweating, huh? I hadn't thought of that, but that's a good point.

    I still wouldn't throw you through a wall, though.


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