Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where Have I Been?

I hope at least one person has wondered where I have been this past week or two. I haven't been able to post my updates or check-in with all my online buddies as we've been on vacation. We spent the first week of October at Disneyland and we had a spectacular time. The kiddos were real troopers and if I recall correctly, had just one temper tantrum a piece! We were at the park from open - close each day and although planned, we didn't go back to the motel for naps... the kiddos just didn't want to leave. Thursday night, we stayed even later for Mickey's Halloween Treat and enjoyed trick-or-treating in the park, meeting many more characters (many of which don't frequently make appearances - Snow White's evil step sisters), and dancing with the Incredibles and Sully from Monsters Inc.
I'll post more details with photos later, as even today, my time to sit at the computer is limited. To top it off, the mouse is going crazy and seemingly doesn't 'talk' with the computer anymore. We've tried 3 different mice with the same result. We are lucky to get 2-3 minutes before it locks up and then we have to unplug it. Very frustrating. It is definately time to upgrade.

In regards to training, the back of my left heel had really been bothering me the last week of September. Coach said it was likely due to stress - stretch more, do some water running, swim more, run less. I brought my running gear with us to Disneyland but with all the walking/standing, my feet/legs were dead tired so seeing as though we were on vacation, I chose not to run and thereby aggravate my condition. I'm relaxing a little... not so focused on a BQ time... but should be able to still PR.

This second week has been all off kilter because DH is home and as any stay-at-home mom can attest, although we absolutely love his presence, it does throw our regular routine into flux. We have been re-organizing the den/office in preparation for a new computer... we'll be coverting to MAC (I'll let you know how that conversion goes later - but I'm really looking forward to it.)

Well - the kiddos are losing it... beating on one another and arguing over toys. I'm losing it. I'll have to report back when we return from the coast (yes - out of town once again).


  1. Hey! Welcome back! Nice pic! Congrats on the upgrade to a MAC! Sorry to hear about the heel. I just put some different insoles in my running shoes to help out with my heels. Hope it helps me!!

  2. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at Disney!

    Oh boy, do I know what you mean when you talk about husband's being home from work. It is nice to have them around, but they certainly throw a wrench in the usual routine.

    Hope your conversion to MAC goes smoothly!

  3. OMG I missed you!

    But now I'm just green with know how much I love Mickey and Minnie! Can't wait to see more of your pics!

  4. what an awesome pic! We need more... I was wondering where you've been. Well this is the best reason to be gone!

  5. I've loved reading through your blog! I also enjoyed your homeschooling blog (I don't have children but think homeschooling is a definite option, even though I'm a senior adminstrative teacher in a school!).

    I'll be back!i

  6. Great picture! Your legs probably got a heck of a workout in Disney with kids.


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