Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Quick Update

Friday @ Masters
850m warmup (I had a little extra time) - mixed stroke, 200 w/fins
Followed by 36 minutes of 100m freestyle with just 10 seconds of rest between each. I started out at about 2 min per interval but I think I fell back to about 2:15 in the end. I completed about 16 100s.... bringing the days total distance to 2450m or 6 "running" miles.

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Long Run
This is a cut-back week for those you have been following the prescribed plan. For me, I have been cutting back all the previous weeks so I was determined to get past my mileage block (haven't gone past 10 miles in 4 weeks). I headed out alone to do 5 miles... I've gotten into a new habit of bringing along my cell phone and an ear bud to chat with someone along the way. Helps to make the time pass on my long runs. My mother-in-law was my 'virtual' running partner for these first 5 miles. : )

At 5.34 miles, I arrived at our doorstep once again. I took a couple of minutes to refuel and help DH load the kiddos into the bike trailer. They then escorted me on a four mile loop that we did twice. I felt that I had a solid pace on the first loop. Everytime I glanced at the Garmin it read between 8:34-8:48 (occasionally higher or lower). I thought that was sweet! The last loop, I felt myself begin to fatigue a bit and my pace began to slow. I should have used the 'lap' feature on the Garmin to know for certain. At the end of the 13.1 miles, my average pace was 9:07. I would have liked to see it under 9 but I'll take it.

Monday @ Masters
600m warmup mixed stroke, 200m w/ fins
Followed by 8x25m freestyle drill (odds w/ fists, evens alternating strokes 3 3 3)
100m IM
4 x 25 fly
100m IM
4 x 50 back
100m IM
4 x 75 breast
100m IM
2 4 x 100 free
50m free cooldown
Total = 2000m or 5 "running" miles

In other news.... our new Mac is here and it is beautiful! I am in love! I can't wait to start creating scrapbook pages with it - the monitor is huge (24") !!! The resolution is spectacular!!

btw - how does one create text with a strikethrough the text in a blog post. For example, on the swim practice for yesterday, I wanted to show 100m IM with a strikethrough it... how do you do that? *** YEAH! Thank you, Wes! I edited my post to use the strikethrough. :) ***


  1. I can't wait to run 13.1 miles at a 9 minute pace :-) That is just awesome, and I'm jealous of your new Mac with the 24" screen!!

    Use the Strike tag to do strike thru text.

  2. What?!?! You swim too? I must have missed that. We'll have to sign you up for a triathlon (if you haven't done one already LOL)

  3. 24" mac.. you got me day dreaming here! Great work on the long run thats a great time


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