Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paper Back Swap

Are you buried beneath a pile of books that you've read long ago? Are you of need of more space?

All you have to do is register (it's free) and create a list of books that you are willing to trade. When one or more of your books are requested, you pay the shipping (generally about $1.47 - $2.53) and receive one credit for each paperback book that you send.

To receive a book in return, browse through the lists of available books and request one of interest. One credit will be deducted from your account. The owner thereby sends it to you. You don't pay for shipping to receive a book.

If you sign-up and list 10 books before October 5th, you'll earn 3 credits. Thereafter, you'll earn just 2 credits. If you join, please use my email address as a referral.

bud underscore eva at hotmail dot com

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  1. I belong to PaperBackSwap & LOVE it. Just a little tip don't bother putting Oprah book club selections on there. Unless it is a newly named title, it won't move. I know from!

    It's an awesome idea & there is also a CD swap now too.


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