Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthdays, Halloween & Costumes

Sweetie's birthday party is this Thursday. For months now, she and I have been planning a fairy themed party around the movie, The Last Unicorn. We've created a storyline whereby the children (as fairies and wizards) go on a quest to save the unicorn. We've planned activity stations requiring the children to work together and fight against evil. We've gathered materials for each station; for snacks and for prizes.

We even designed and spent hours putting together a fairy costume. She wanted to be Sunburst from the Fairytopia movie. Not Elina... the star of the movie but her sidekick. I couldn't find a Sunburst costume anywhere so we have had to put one together using skill and creativity. It's still in the works, however (I have to finish the wings). I'll post photos when she wears it for the first time at her party.

In three weeks, we will be taking a family vacation to Disneyland. While there, we will be attending Mickey's Halloween Treat Party where families are encouraged to come dressed in costume. Sweetie is already talking about buying a fancy princess dress when we get there. She has been saving her money all summer in anticipation!

So - you will understand my surprise this afternoon when we are driving home from Karate and she informs me that she has decided, without a doubt, that she wants to be Aku (the shape shifting master of darkness from the animated television show, Samurai Jack) for Halloween because, "Halloween is supposed to be all scary and stuff."

HUH? I can't believe she is into the scary stuff already?! Yesterday, she and her brother would've spent hours squealing and giggling at the animated skeleton at Michaels, had I not picked them up and walked out to the car with them under my arms.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea. I suggested that Buddy could dress as Samurai Jack. She thought this was great. "He can wear my old Karate uniform (sans patches)!"

So... I guess I'll need to find a recipe for papier-mâché and start work on another costume. Wish me luck. :)


  1. And of course, you know as a homeschooling Mom, that it all gets recorded in the homeschooling log. Art, planning, writing (creating the storyline). Cool!

  2. Amara is soooo super jealous! I just told her about the Sunburst costume and now she wants one too! You're putting me to shame as a mommy! I'm so not creative!

  3. Last year my son was a bit of afraid of my Halloween soundtrack that I prepared for my graveyard. This year, now at age 6, he loves it!

  4. Well, all I can say about Sweetie is that she has good taste because "Samurai Jack" is also a favorite of mine. Aku is sometimes really hilarious as he goofs thinking that he is really scary. I found quite a bit of papier-mache info out on the web, so you're bound to get some help. I'm curious to see what the costume will look like! -- Kong

  5. I WISH mine would go for the cute little fairy outfits (even for just a party) . . .instead she keeps wanting to be spiders, bats, and skeletons?!? I'm always like "isn't that too scary? you're only 3"

  6. I find it funny how quickly they change what they are into!


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