Friday, August 10, 2007

Resting and Rejuvenating

I haven't run since the Circle the Bay on Saturday. My hip & lower back have still been bothering me just a bit. It is strange... when I'm moving about, I hardly notice it. But when I've been sitting or laying down for a while, and I go to stand and walk, it feels a little 'weak'. As though it might not support my weight... but there isn't really any pain, per se. Just an odd, achy muscle. My girlfriend, Deb, says I likely pulled a tendon or a muscle. I think she's right so I've been taking it very easy.

I swam on Monday (1600m) and it felt good ... a great recovery workout. Otherwise, I've been quite lazy. I intended on doing a couple short-easy runs on Wed and Thr and then swimming with Masters today - but, I've talked myself out of all it... choosing to work on creative projects and planning for DDs party. I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon (belated Valentine's gift from DH) - I'm hoping my hip/back will feel better thereafter. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to decide which marathon to register for Fall. The top 2 contenders are Humboldt Redwoods (Oct 21) and California International (Dec 2).

Humboldt +
Closer - Less travel time
Beautiful course
Many positive reviews
It's in October (easier to train for)
Cool T-shirt (really - should it matter?)

Humboldt -
Virtually no specators

California +
GB is running it & I'd get a chance to meet her :)
Relatively all downhill
Many positive reviews
B! and L could potentially come to cheer me on

California -
It's in December (harder to train for)

Oh! Decisions. Decisions.


  1. The all downhill part is enough for me ;-)

  2. know what I'm going to suggest - do them both! You'd have a whole month between. Totally do-able! The best part is then you don't have to choose!

    Why is it harder to train for the one in December?

  3. I've done both. It depends on what you're looking for. If you're interested in running a fast time, or hanging out in a city, then do CIM. If you're more into the overall experience, do Humboldt. Weather is usually nice for both, but there's more potential for cold and/or rainy at CIM.

    E-mail me if you want more info.

  4. I SO want to do the both !! I just don't think I'd be able to convince DH... unless I sign up for Humboldt, don't qualify... then do CIM. :) Hmmmmm

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Since I obviously have been lagging behind in my running due to a horrendous 2007 (that hopefully after the two upcoming procedures it should be better!) I have no advice on marathons :)

    But I do hope your back is in tip top shape soon! I hate those little aches that can get you down!

  6. One of these days you'll have to do the Disney (Land or World) runs. My friend at work, er old work that is ;^), has ran both. She enjoys them for the unique medals but has only ran the 1/2 at each. Not sure which she liked better. But thought you might like it becuase you could tack on a Family vaca with the Kiddos and Husb! Plus you know you could get my wife there to help tear apart the shops pre or post race days!


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