Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hips Don't Lie

This past week started off well and I had every reason to believe that everything would continue. However, it was not to be.

On Tuesday, my grandmother came over from Eugene to see the kids and I in 1880. On top of having an overnight guest, upon request, I also invited my cousin and his wife over for dinner. Therefore, as is typical for a Tuesday, I didn't get my run in with all the other things that were expected of me.

I should've gotten up earlier, I suppose. In the end, I didn't get to run on Wednesday or Thursday either. It just wouldn't have been cool to leave my grandma alone so I could go run for a couple of hours. Besides, it was nice to visit with her and spend time with her. I don't see her often enough. When the princess was born, we used to meet her for lunch every Friday and visit all afternoon. I certainly count my blessings - I feel I've had the opportunity to get to know her on another level. :)

So come Friday, I decided to skip Masters swimming and run instead. The kids were already signed up for childcare - so I elected to run at the fitness center. I had intended on running on the trail but I discovered upon arrival that I neglected to bring the Garmin. The plan for today was 2 miles @ GP, 2-3 @ Tempo, and 2 @ GP. I wouldn't have a clue how many loops to do for 2 miles so I opted to hit the treadmill.

I warmed-up on the trail for 10 minutes and then came inside. It was a beautiful day so I was a little bummed. The treadmills here at the fitness center have more bells and whistles than the one at the motel in Medford. I was therefore able to set my pace exactly where I wanted it... 7.1 mph or 8:27 for Goal Pace with an 1.0 incline. [Using the link Wes provided when I returned home, the conversion chart shows this to be 8:25 min mile pace.] I then stepped off to get a drink of water, stretch a little, and switch treadmills (the one I started on had an awful squeak which the trainers addressed as I was on #2). I then did 2 miles at 7.5 mph or 8:00 (incline 1.0). Again, I took a short break for water and then resumed for 1 mile at 8:27. I decided to cut it short here (finishing with a 1/2 mile cooldown) because my left hip started bothering me quite a bit.

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It has been bothering me for several weeks now (I first posted about it on 8/1). I originally thought it might be due to my cycle but the nagging soreness has remained even after the moon has changed. I raced the Circle the Bay 30K and it bothered me a bit then, too. I therefore took the week that followed off. No running. I got a massage. But still, no change.

When I resumed training last week 8/13, the nagging pain has been there. It eases up as I get warmed up (usually within the first mile) and then doesn't really bother me again until the later miles. I popped into a running store the other day to inquire... it was suggested that since I had been doing quite a bit of hill work preceding the 30K and since it was a hilly course, perhaps I just overworked my quads and need to stretch more. I've been trying (still need to work on that).

It bothered me quite a bit yesterday, so I blew off the 45-60 min easy run. I wanted fresh legs for my long run today... especially because it was my long run that got neglected last week! Today's plan was 11 miles with a fast finish. DH accompanied me with the kiddos in tow (I love it when they come along - I know he has to pedal slower and stop and wait frequently - but it is great to have company).

As we got underway, my hip just didn't want to play along. It felt tighter, weaker than previously. Before I was even 100 ft from my door, I was telling myself to just go as far as I could... don't push yourself, don't risk injury. After a mile, it started to feel better. By mile 4, I was feeling pretty good. At mile 6, nature called. Thankfully, there was relief close by (soccer practice has resumed) and I popped in briefly. Even though the rest was brief, my hip started to tighten up so getting started again was tough.

DH could see my running form/gait was changing again (as it had when I first started) and he reminded me to take it easy. "You don't want to overdo it. Build it back up little by little." I took his words to heart and elected to call it a day at 9. I sprinted the last 4 tenths of a mile but I still did not manage to get a fast finish. Oh well.

I will be calling the Dr. though. It's time to seek a professional opinion.


  1. Hope you're doing OK dear. We're gonna hold you to your promise to call a doctor!

  2. Try to see a Physical Therapist or a Doc in Sports Medicine.
    And rest!
    Take care ~
    O like your added esnips : )


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