Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have I Been Running?

Some of you may be wondering... with all my attention focused on homeschooling, have I actually been training? Well, yes! Here is a summary....

Mon 8/13 - 1800m swim (300m w/u; 5x300m odds straight 300, evens 4x75 medley)
Tues 8/14 - Rest
Wed 8/15 - 4x1 mile @ Cruise Pace (7:40) = 7:38, 8:30, 8:27, 8:32 all w/jogger
Thr 8/16 - 2 miles @GP (8:30) = 8.23, 3 miles @T (8:00) = 8.03
Fri 8/17 - 1850m swim (550m w/u; 3x10 min of 75m medley; 200m c/d)
Sat 8/18 - 5 miles on treadmill (1 mile w/u; 2.75 'cross country' - very hilly; 1.25 mile c/d)
Sun 8/19 - Rest
Weeks End Mileage Total = 26 miles

Mon 8/20 - 2350m swim (450m w/u; 300m w/fins; pairs of 300m, 225m, 150m, 100m)
Tues 8/21 - Rest

Most days were pretty 'normal' training sessions. I was disappointed with my cruise pace on Wed 8/15, but I can't bother too much as I have to consider that I was pushing the jogger. Thr 8/16, I intended to do another 2 miles @GP at the end but literally ran into a neighbor I had wanted to talk with in regards to Living History (she volunteers as well)... so by the time we finished our conversation, I had to get back to the kiddos (our sitter had another obligation).

On Sat 8/18, we were in Medford with just enough time to squeeze in a shorter run. I knew I wouldn't have time to get my long run (10 miles with hills) in on Sunday, so I chose the 'cross-country' program on the treadmill and tried to cover as many miles as I could. The simulated 'hills' were tough so while I was at a speed of ~6.5 on the flat surface, I had to decrease the speed to 4.5 to climb some of those hills. How does the speed on a treadmill translate to real pace, anyway?

My swim yesterday was awesome! 2350 meters! I've swam that distance just once before back in January. In terms of running miles... that equates to about 5.8 miles. Sweet! I started out with a 450 m w/u (mixed stroke) and then did 300 m with fins. Then Coach Bob described the plan for the day: 300 m - 300 m - 225 m - 225 m - 150 m - 150 m - 100 m - 100 m with 30 seconds rest between each. The 2nd one of the pair was supposed to be 5 seconds faster per 100 m but my lane didn't bother with keeping time. We just focused on 'going the distance'. I led my lane each time and I was tired and hungry when we finished (as always). :)


  1. Nice workouts! and excellent swimming. Here's a conversion chart for your treadmill pace times....

  2. Sweet reference! Thank you, Wes. As winter (and snow & ice) approaches, I'll be referring to it more and more. :)


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