Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Unusual Speedwork

Today's run was not quite what I had imagined. My plan called for the following:
2x1 mile at Cruise Pace (7:14)
4x800 at Speed Interval (3:27)
2x1 mile at Cruise Pace (7:14)

Pushing the kiddos in the jogger, I did a short 1.11 mile warmup to start off. I strongly doubted that I would be able to hit 7:14 with the jogger, but I wanted to at least be between 8:00 and 8:30. The first mile was 8:00 minutes exactly! Sweet! I took a 5 min walk recovery (covering about 1/4 mile) and then started the 2nd mile. While the 1st mile had a few tiny downslopes, the 2nd mile had a few tiny inclines. The 2nd mile was completed in 8:26. I'm still happy. :)

During the 5 min recovery, I pushed the jogger to the school where I let the kiddos out to play on the structures as I did the 800s on the field. Little did I expect to be dodging the sprinklers! Certainly made for refreshing intervals. :) The first 3 800s were done on the field... 3:46, 3:46 and 3:49. Just before I was to start the 4th, my princess informs me that she has to go to the restroom. With no porta-potty in sight (there had been one at the school last week - assumably for baseball), we had to head home. Thus, the 4th 800 was pushing the jogger towards home... 4:02. Not too bad.

The recovery was a little longer than it probably shoud've been... but I'm certainly not going to complain. The next two mile intervals were 8:18 and 9:18 (both w/ jogger). I was very tired during the last and quite thirsty. I had to stop briefly for a sip of water. I really struggled through this last one but I finished it! :)

Throughout my run, whenever I was pushing the jogger, my daughter was entertaining us with songs of her own invention. The first one was very motivating, "Running is best. Running is best. Running is best. (continual repetition) Running is the best exercise." I asked her to repeat it but she said the song was just in her mind as she was singing and "I don't have it in my mind now." She asked if I ran faster when she sang and I assured her that I did. Her next song went something like, "The best day. The best day. The best day is video game. The best day."

Dodging sprinklers, pushing the jogger, a personalized concert, and making a dash for home to use the restroom... today's speedwork was very unusual.

Grand total of about 8 miles.

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