Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rock Chuck Ramble ~ Race Report

We went into Redmond again today for another race - this time the Rock Chuck Ramble... a 327 yard fun run. When we approached the registration desk, the race organizer tried to convince us to sign-up the entire family. He was a great salesman and had we brought more cash along, we would have taken him up but as it was, we had only enough cash to register the princess and a few dollars left over to entertain the kiddos in the inflatable play structures in the interim.

After a brief warm-up to "The Hokey Pokey", the race was underway. Runners ran west for 2 blocks and then turned right. They continued for another block and then turned right again. They finished close to the start line essentially making a small loop around 2 blocks in downtown Redmond.
Rock Chuck Ramble
We don't generally stick around for the after race party and prize drawing... DH always wants to 'get it over with' and prefers to head on to other activities. Since this race was so short, I guess he didn't mind so much.

I don't recall ever winning anything in a drawing before... I even commented to DH as everyone was gathering under a tent that it wouldn't be likely that we'd win. There were well over 100 participants... with just one entry, our chances were slim. DS was beginning to get a little squirrely and hard to manage when they got down to the last couple of prizes. He started to run off just as the grand prize number was being read... "Seventy...." a brief pause and my hears perked up as I was running the little guy down. "...three!" OH MY GOSH!! She won $504!

I couldn't believe it! Proof that sticking around for the after party and prize drawing is well worth your time...even with little ones pulling all the leaves off the maple tree and kicking divets in the bark mulch. :)

We asked if she wanted to put the money away to save for college and she said, "Yes." That a girl! :)

As we were driving home she asked if we had ever won before and we said that we hadn't. She said, "You need to drink more Gatorade. It makes you go fast. I am fast. Gatorade helps you go fast like me."

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  1. Cool race! Yeah, Gatorade makes you go really fast -- glad she learned that so soon in her running career. -- Kong


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