Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Abbreviated History ~ Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Us

1. We both grew up in Coos County, Oregon.

2. We met during the summer before my junior year in high school. We were both working at Safeway. He was starting his fresman year in college at SWOCC.

3. He asked me to go steady with him on the 18th of November 1988... just 3 days after my first concert... Prince's "Lovesexy" tour in Tacoma, WA.

4. He would frequently pick me up after school in his yellow dune buggy. I loved the attention it brought us. :)

5. When he would work the night shift, he would leave me notes hidden all over the store... a scavenger hunt with clues to the next note. The final note would often have little surprises like a flower or chocolate kisses.

6. When I graduated from high school, my family moved to Lane County. I attended LCC and he transferred to the UofO. Two years later, he graduated with a BS in General Science. I transferred to OSU for a degree in education and he started a Post-Bacc in Pharmacy at the same university.

7. In 1994, I earned a BS in General Science and a BA in International Studies. I then started the Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Education) program while he continued his degreeDenver Graduation in pharmacy. We both finished our respective degrees in 1995.

8. We were married, just week before graduation, in Corvallis, Oregon. June 3, 1995. We honeymooned in Newport that weekend. Our 'official' honeymoon was post-poned to December of the same year in Cancun, Mexico.

9. We returned to the coast where he began his career as a hospital pharmacist and I, an elementary science specialist. I taught in this DD Birthposition for four years and was then transferred to a 5th grade classroom when the 2 science specialists were cut from the budget. During this time, he earned his MBA in Healthcare Admin. from the U of Colorado, Denver and was soon promoted to Pharmacy Director.

10. In September 2002, we were blessed with the birth of our first child.... a girl. I 'retired' early to be a stay-at-home mommy (at least for a few years - I plan to return to the classroom when my kiddos start school themselves).

DS Birth11. In October of 2003, just one week after a whirl-wind 2 week tour of the New England states, we moved to Central Oregon.

12. In February of 2005, we were once again blessed with a child.... a boy.

13. DH was promoted again and is now the hospital administrator.


  1. My DH & I also grew up in the same county and met at work! We were both managers at McDonald's! :)

    The yellow dune buggy sounds fun!

    Happy TTing!

  2. What a romantic man you married! I hope he still manages to romance you even though you're married...what a sweetheart!

  3. Love the pictures--you look great with a baby! :)

  4. DH asking to go steady and a Prince concert all in a matter for hours?! It must be love! Ha!

    And I love how romantic he was even at the beginning of your courtship!

    Please promise that when you return to the classroom you'll still blog!!

  5. Awwwhhhhh how cute!!! Thanks for sharing that! LOL your DH's career is starting to look like something my DH's would go for. 6 years in retail pharamacy and is already looking for options out LOL

  6. You married your high school sweetheart and are still loving strong today! You are both AWESOME! I enjoyed reading your Thirteen things Makita. :-)


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