Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Magical Fairies

DD loves anything with fairies. She has about a dozen tiny little fairy dolls (she prefers the small ones rather than the larger Barbie size dolls). Whenever we travel, the fairies are the one toy she insists to bring along (as well as colored pencils, a notebook for drawing, her fleece blanket with Princess Genevieve of the 12 Dancing Princesses, and her unicorn huggie).

Of course, she wants to have a fairy themed birthday party. I'm having a great time gathering ideas for her party and planning her costume. She wants to be Sunblossom from the Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow movie. We've gathered a few things already (magic wand, an orange 2-piece bathing suit)... we just need wings, a tulle skirt, and a tiara.

Here's a rough draft of the invitation:
fairy birthday invitation

Could it be that I am having more fun than she?


  1. brilliant - i love this one. also really liked rogue river and autumn apples from your last post. you're really good at this!

  2. Oooh, I love the invitation. And yes, I think you are having more fun than she is...and I also think that is a mom's right. ;) I always have a ton of fun planning my girls' parties! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Makita,
    I just found your blog through a Google search. Nice one.

    I noticed that your blog photos are hosted by blogger itself. I haven't managed to figure out how to do that, except in my header. How do you do it? Thanks.

    BTW, my blog is at

  4. Girl, I'm in a session but saw this post in my feeds (I'll catch up on the rest later, I promise!) but I wanted to tell you how gorgeous this is!! Love it!


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