Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So, Do I Wake Them ...

The kids and I volunteer at the museum on Tuesdays... officially, it is hoped that we are in front of the public from 11 am to 4 pm. We need to arrive a little early (10:30ish) for a 'casting call' and then we walk out to the cabin. Thankfully, we are given an option to depart early if the need arises. However, the kids are always great when we are out there and don't even want to leave when it is time. We've only left early on one or two occasions in the fall when it has been too cold. On these days, I am usually busy in the morning ironing our costumes, gathering materials for our 1880s activity, or preparing our lunch. Last week, my plan was to go for our run in the evening. Needless to say, that didn't happen (typical for evening runs). So, learning from my error last week, I did all my prep work last night in anticipation of doing my run this morning before we depart for the museum.

According to my training plan, I am to do 8-10 miles today with 6 min TUT [GB ~ is the warmup/cooldown a part of this 8-10 miles or is it separate ??]. To accomplish this and still have time to shower, dress, and load the kiddos in the car I need to start my run by 7:40 am. As luck would have it, they are still sleeping!! It is now 7:32. I could give them an "on-the-go" breakfast they could eat in the jogger but I can't bring myself to actually wake them.
They aren't the sweetest when awoken from their slumber. I know they will be wiped out at the end of the day - being out in the sun and working/playing in 1880 wears them out. I don't have the heart to wake them up.

Perhaps they will awaken on their own with time enough for me to do a short 4-5 miles ... I could do another 4-5 miles in the evening. Is breaking the run into two segments equivalent?? I guess I'll wait... but if this happens again next week, should I wake them?


  1. i think you're the best. i would never have the heart to wake them up!

    about splitting the run into two segments in the day - thats actually what a lot of runners do. there are some that argue that thats actually better than doing one single long run, since the few hours between the two runs helps your muscles recover from micro tears.

  2. I've also heard the splitting your run up in the same day is OK. Little monsters look SO cute when they are sleeping ;-)


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