Thursday, June 28, 2007

I *Heart* Tempo Runs

I've always enjoyed Tempo Runs. Particularly when I am not behind a jogging stroller. Running alone, I am able to really push myself to maintain pace. When I awoke this morning, I wasn't really looking forward to today's plan: 3 miles @ Goal Pace / 4x800 @ Cruise Interval / 3 miles @ Tempo including a 1 mile warmup and cool down. On paper, it seemed a little intimidating.

But today is Thursday and I have a sitter come in the morning to watch the kiddos so I can run freely. Once my warmup mile was underway, I had a feeling things would go well.

1 mile w/u @ 8:35 pace
3 miles @ 8:30 goal pace .... completed in 24:59, average pace = 8:19
4 x 800 @ 3:37 cruise pace .... 3:41, 3:57, 3:54 and 3:30
3 miles @ 8:08 tempo pace .... completed in 24:38, average pace = 8:12
1 mile c/d @ 9:02 pace (just right)
10 miles total

Between each set, I rested for approx. 2-3 minutes and rehydrated. I had brought along a bottle of water that I strategically hid along my course. I ran the 1 mile w/u around my neighborhood and picked up the bottle for a quick sip. I then returned it to its hiding place as I did the first 3 mile loop bringing me back to my water bottle. I then walked across the street about 1/4 mile to do the 800 intervals around the elementary school baseball/soccer field. Between each 800, I rehydrated. As I started the second 3 miles, I elected to alter the loop slightly to bring me back to the school where I could rehydrate once again about 1.5 miles into the set.

When I approached my water bottle, I saw a woman pushing a single jogging stroller as she ran with her dog along side her. I said, "Good morning," as I took a few sips from my bottle. She happened to proceed along the trail that extends through a park behind the school... the exact route I was planning to follow. I set my bottle down again and continued on. I ran past her again but upon my return I didn't see her. I briefly wondered which direction she may have gone but didn't give it too much thought otherwise.

That is, until I returned to my water bottle at the end of the 3 miles and discovered that it was no longer where I had left it. I looked around for a short time but didn't see it anywhere. I didn't see anyone else in the area either. I don't know whether to curse her for taking my water when I needed it most (it was gradually getting warmer) or to thank her for picking up my trash. I just found it quite strange that someone would pick up my water bottle - the residents in the area could plainly see that I was returning for it repeatedly. I wasn't just going to leave it there!

Oh well. I ran another mile to cool down and then resumed 'mommy' duties. I quickly showered after a short soak in a cold tub of water. Then it was off to Taekwondo and a number of errands around town.


  1. Have you learned to program those runs into the Garmin yet? It is really a cool feature. I know you'd like it. What a bunch of crap that someone took your water. Maybe its time for a fuel belt, eh?

  2. I have a fuel belt - but I prefer to run un-inhibited... it bounces and is kind of annoying. :)

    I have programed some workouts and have learned how to use the 'Alert' function. Very cool. Too bad there weren't different sounds for 'Speed Up' and 'Slow Down' - they sound so similiar I always have to glance. Wouldn't it be cool to have an actual voice! Then again, maybe not. :)

  3. someone taking your water.. that is crazy :) try what i do, i stick it under this bush growing by the side of a tree. great runs.. and yea thats hard following up the temp with a 10 miler.

  4. Camelbak then! :-) They really don't jingle when you jog, errr, I mean run :-)

  5. I read about your weight training and then see how my workouts pale in comparison!

    Oh, and so you know, so outraged for you about your water! Grrr!


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