Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Compelled to Share

We had these photos taken in May... a photographer came to her Dojo and had a number of cool backgrounds to choose from. Predictably, she chose one with purple and pink. I hadn't intended to purchase a package... we just wanted her image to be included on the school poster. However, after I saw the proofs, I couldn't resist. The photographer caught some great poses and facial expressions. :)


My training plan today called for a 10 mile run with 8 minutes of total uphill time. Again, we didn't get a chance to run before we had to be at the museum for living history. So, my run had to wait for the evening. As soon as we got home, I quickly changed my clothes and loaded the kiddos into the jogger. We left the house about 5:30 and the temperature was holding steady at about 79 degrees. My intention was to do just 4-5 miles. As we got underway, I talked myself into going farther ... 6 miles, maybe all 10. I'd play it by ear, or perceived level of exhaustion (I didn't wear the heart rate monitor - it causes a little chafing so I'm not too fond of it).

At the 5 mile mark where I turned around however, we were facing the sun and the wind started to pick up (of course, we're running into it so it's not helping). Shortly thereafter, we had to climb a significant hill. At the crest, I decided I better call it a day and head home. By the time I arrived at our door, I had covered 7 miles in 1:14:28 for an average pace of 10:38 and somewhere around 6 minutes TUT. Certainly not my best. However, I was very pleased that I got in 7 miles. Getting this run in on Tuesday and resting Wednesday is a good thing. Doing 2 hard runs back to back (i.e. Wed/Thr) is tough!


  1. what an incredible shoot! priceless :)

  2. Phew! I wouldn't want to come across her in a dark alley ;-) I might not be able to walk out!!

  3. Those are so cute! She looks so skilled. I think you made a good decision purchasing those.


  4. I sure wouldn't want to meet her in a dark ally!

  5. She looks like she's well on her way to a black belt! Great pics!


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