Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prince ~ CHBM Carnival #33

Ever since I first saw his Little Red Corvette video on Night Tracks when I was in junior high, I have been a faithful 'friend' to Prince (he doesn't like the word 'fan' and refers to those who enjoy his music as his friends).

I have had the opportunity to see him in concert 3 times...
  • Lovesexy tour in 1988 (DH asked me to go steady 2 days later) with my mom (she drove me all the way to Tacoma on a school night!)
  • Jam of the Year tour in 1997 with DH (Portland)
  • Musicology tour in 2002 again with my mom (Portland)

He never ceases to impress the crowd and is a phenominal performer. Incredible Talent. Always Live. Always Energetic. Those that saw him perform during this years SuperBowl half-time show can confirm he gave one of the best half-time performances ever!

His song, Free, helped me through some very difficult times in junior high. The lyrics helped me to stay focused on the positive and not let others bring me down. Other songs, like Starfish & Coffee, have helped me to truly be my own person and not allow the expectations of others to change who I am. I owe a lot to his lyrics.

Thank you, Prince. :)


  1. My fondest memory of Prince is sitting in the barracks by myself in Germany watching Purple Rain. Still love that movie...

  2. Yeah - Purple Rain!
    I hear he has a perfume now - thirty-one, twenty-one.


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