Friday, May 25, 2007

My New Training Partner

I've done 2 runs this week with my new training partner. He rests comfortably on my wrist - I was a little concerned that I would find him bulky and a bit of a nuisance - but my worries were in vain.

I haven't yet used the heartrate monitor - I wanted to get used to the functions on the 'watch' first.

Wed - 5 miles 8.52 pace / 494 calories
Thr - 6 miles 9.38 pace / 581 calories

Wed's run was right on my previous estimation (it was easy to estimate as I drove the route with my car). However, Thr's run was .2 under my estimation. This route is predominately trail and I wasn't able to get a good image using America's Running Routes as much of it is under tree cover.

By the time I got out the door for my run on Thr, the temperature was already above 73 degrees so I was glad I brought water along with me. I felt a little fatigued on the run. I think the heat played a big part. I'm also not certain I've rested from the PPP on Sat - I really pushed myself on Mon during Masters swimming and then two moderate running days Wed & Thr. I'll take today off and then do my long run on Saturday when we go home for the weekend. :)


  1. There are so many cool things we can do with a Garmin. I have yet begun to tap its potential!!

  2. It's fun looking at the route on the screen. I borrowed one for a couple of my runs to see the mileage and pace but it hurt my wrist. To bulky for my skinny arm.
    My friend really likes how the profile tells you how many calories you burned.
    Have a great weekend and don't forget the sunscreen : )

  3. Gotta see what else my training partner can do. Other than lose power if powered off and sitting on the desk (i.e., not plugged into a source of power like your 'puter or the outlet). Disappointing as I wanted to have it with me for my long run yesterday. Anyway, yes, carrying water is important. I had to cut my run short because I didn't bring a bottle of water with me. Am still trying to figure out how I can make the map actually show me where I ran (don't know why that's important to know). I get a pretty rough line, but there are no street names or other detail that I can use to figure out where I was running. Also, don't know (yet) what the story is with scheduling workouts, doing workouts that incorporate breaks and such. I did use the AutoResume feature and I think that's cool. As we all learn how to make technology work for us, I hope we'll share. Just two workouts logged for now -- hope to add more. -- Kong

  4. I really, really want a Garmin! Let me know how it works for you.

  5. New training partner says "I bet you're loving me now!"

  6. I am glad you are enjoying your training partner!


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