Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Wedding Guest Book

I just finished creating this guest book for the daughter of some friends of ours. She is getting married in June and had failed to find a guest book that would enable her to showcase photos of the guests arriving alongside a little card (similiar in size to what might be delivered with a bouquet of flowers) with an enscription to the couple written by the guest. When her mother described what she wanted... I knew immediately that I could help. I nearly jumped at the chance to create this for her. Her colors are very similar to my own and now I'm actually jealous that this is for her and not me!! I may actually redo my own album. ;)
Coincidentally, DH's cousin is also getting married this year (Sept) and he just called to inquire about the possibility of me creating invitations and/or an album for their wedding. Additionally, our good friends Bar & Kong have asked that I create an album following their wedding reception next month. I'm so excited to be using my creative talents to help others showcase their photos. :)

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