Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Getting Started Again

After the great half marathon I ran a few weeks ago, I have actually relaxed my training substantially and not been so focused. I've wanted to take it easy. I don't want to over-train and thereby risk injury. So, this week and last have been rather lax. When I run... I run for fun (no time, distance or tempo goal). I even skipped my long run on Sunday. :)

I have a duathlon on the 19th (my birthday!) ... actually it is a 6-legged relay-race in which I am doing 2 legs (bike 22 miles and 10K run) ... but it is just for fun. I did the run last year and clocked a phenominal time of 45.21 (for me, that is!) - to this day, I still wonder what the true distance was (some written materials state 8K others 10K). I would love to equal that performance but I am not counting on it since I will have just finished the bike leg.

Beyond that, I don't have any major races until the Circle the Bay on August 4th. There are a few others that I may do depending upon what we are doing as a family. I haven't registered for anything.

I still haven't yet decided upon a fall/winter marathon. I'm still tossing them up in the air... some new contenders are Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon and Nike San Francisco. Bizz will likely have to wait until 2008 as we'll be returning from a family vacation to Disneyland just 2 days before. DH isn't likely to want to drive 5-6 hours the next day. San Francisco seems to be my best bet for Fall... Phoenix or Sacramento best if I want to wait until Winter. I don't really want to train through the winter, though. Too icy... too dangerous.

Another reason I haven't really gotten going again is because I haven't really decided upon a training plan. I know I'll continue to swim 2x week, running 3-4 days, and do CrossFit more consistenly. I just want to have it all planned out - something I can refer to each day. I'll likely develop some hybrid between RunnersWorld, Pfitz and FIRST. In the past, I have used FIRST successfully. I like it but I also want to push myself harder.

Yesterday's Swim:
650m warmup (mixed stroke)
300m freestyle (I led my lane!), 3x50m breaststroke
200m freestyle, 5x50m backstroke
100m freestyle, 7x50m breaststroke (once) and freestyle

My right knee started to really bother me during the 3x50 breast... Coach even asked if I had done a long run on Sunday because I was looking fatigued. Obviously, my form stinks! Coach and I are going to work on that tomorrow. :)
Today's Plan:
Easy, enjoyable 5 miles with the kiddos in the stroller.
CrossFit in the afternoon.


  1. Easy, enjoyable 5 miles... I hope my next 5 miles will be easy and enjoyable!

    Question? What is FIRST? I know what the others are...but never heard of FIRST!

  2. FIRST stands for Furman Institute of Running & Scientific Training. Here's their web address:

    They have several training plans posted from 5K to Marathon. :)

  3. After rocking that half marathon, you deserve a little slack time! Woo hoo! I've never heard of someone's knee hurting doing the breast stroke. Hmmmm. Be careful there. Might be a good time to tune in to the old leg.... Good luck developing your plan. I'm sure you will work out the best for you.

  4. You're in awesome shape Makita! I like reading your workouts. Thank you for posting them. I haven't joined any running or swimming groups. I should probably look into those soon.
    I think this year's Bizz Johnson is already sold out, but I could be misinformed. I'm thinking about doing the Nike SF Women's Marathon in 2008. One of these years we should do it together! I'm bummed that their half sold out so quickly (within 3 hours).

  5. I would love to run a marathon with you... that is toe the start line together... we both know you'd kick my butt! It would be so much though! :)

    I'm actually thinking of CIM this Dec. You plan on running it yourself, right?


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