Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Unmotivated & Preoccupied

This past week has been quite unusual for me - I typically only allow myself one rest day (two at the most). This week there were THREE. To top it off, every day was a relatively EASY day (in comparison to my normal routine.

Mon 2nd - 15 min on bike + CrossFit "Angie"
Tue 3rd - Rest (felt lazy)
Wed 4th - Swim 1150m (400m warmup; 6x50m; 8x50m on 3:00)
Thr 5th - 6 miles easy (average pace 8:35)
Fri 6th - Rest (normal rest day + we drove to Portland)
Sat 7th - 4 miles easy (should've done more - wanted to spend time w/friends)
Sun 8th - Rest (normal long run day, with friends/family for Easter)
Total ~ 13 miles

This week has started out more typical.

Mon 9th - Swim 1650m (700m warmup; 250m; 3x50; 150m; 5x50; 100m 1x50)
Tue 10th - 6 miles w/stroller (average pace 9:50/5th mile at 7:51)
Wed 11th - goal: 3-4 easy
Thr 12th - goal: 15 min warm/cool & 8x800 at 3:55
Fri 13th - Rest
Sat 14th - goal: 5-6 easy
Sun 15th - goal: 12-14 long

I'm seemingly bogged down with little things I need to get done. DH and I are headed to Vegas tomorrow for a conference - my mom is going to watch the kiddos!
My first time away from my babies EVER!


  1. have fun in vegas. if you get back in time check out peterson ridge rumble this sunday. some of us will be there "running" forever on that course!

  2. Vegas?! Waaaa! So jealous! I hope you have a great time! You'll miss the kids, but you'll be so happy to steal some time away!

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Those are all easy! Right!??! Have a great time in Vegas! Tear up the town! Put a buck on 15 for me on the roulette wheel :-)

  4. Tom - I hope to come out & see the run. It would be great motivation. :)

    Amaras_Mom - After the past 2 weeks, this little mini-vacation is needed. My 2 have been driving me up a wall. Within 1 hour Thr, my little buddy: 1) dumped 3 colors of paint onto our newly shampooed carpets, 2) smeared his yogurt all over the walls in the foyer, 3) spit out his entire sippy cup of OJ onto the coffee table, and 4) dumped a film canister of glitter onto the wet carpet (where the paint had been cleaned up). Then last night, while I was making dinner, he dumped 8oz of Gold Bond powder all over his closet and the floor. It took 1 hour to clean that mess!

    My princess has decided it's fun to backtalk, argue and whine! They've been at each others throats and I've lost all patience. Vegas - Here I come!! :)

    Wes - I don't know how to play roulette, but I'll give it a shot if there is an empty table. :)

  5. No biggie. You've got the whole rest of your life to train. You could even take 4 or 5 rest days in a week and still maintain what you've got.

  6. Have fun in Vegas!
    Only a couple weeks until Eugene so rest days might be good.

  7. Hey we all have those weeks when our bodies just crave the down time and the relaxed workout schedule. I hope you and your hubby have fun in Vegas! Play some Texas Hold 'Em for me. FYI, my Boston bib is 15579 if you want to check the baa.org website Monday. The weather is supposed to really suck, so I don't expect a good time after all.


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