Friday, March 30, 2007

Where I'd Like to Be ~ CHBM Photo Friday

Today's Friday Photo Challenge at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is 'Where I'd Like to Be'. The photos I selected are of the Coquille River Lighthouse and the nearby beach in Bandon.

I grew up here (not far from this beach) and would spend many a summer day there with my friends and family. I participated in a number local running club beach runs - placing well for my age group (I'll have to see if I can't find some old newspaper articles/photos). In the summer evenings, my family would occasionally meet with friends on the beach and we'd build a big fire. We'd roast marshmellows, hotdogs and share stories. On low tides, we explored the tidepools and rocky caves. We would rock climb and build sand castles. And it was here that Scott Lathan (my childhood sweetheart) first kissed me.

I haven't been on this beach for a few years now (as shown in the picture - I was 3 months pregnant with my little buddy the last time I was there - he's 2 now). I am anxious for summer... I'm already planning camping trips to the beach so that my children can experience these same adventures. I'm looking forward to reliving many precious memories and building new ones. :)


  1. Oh yea! I luv the beach. Those are great pics. Funny, I thought you looked a little preggers in that picture, and I don't usually notice things like that :-) I'm the same way. I want my kids to experience all the "good stuff" I enjoyed, and avoid all the bad stuff. I guess that's the "ideal" for a good parent, eh? LOL.

  2. I don't blame you for wnating to be there! It's gorgeous! There's something about the coast that you have to love!


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