Sunday, March 11, 2007

What is Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

When Michelle, at Scribbit, recently asked "What is Your Favorite Vacation Spot?" I knew immediately what my response was. Moloa'a Beach in Kauai.

I first discovered this beach in 1999 when DH and I traveled to the islands for the first time. We had a criptic little map that a local gave us and we used it to beach hop... it had been our goal to investigate every relatively easy to access beach we could. We found Moloa'a in the early morning and we were the only ones there. The shore was covered in small shells, beach glass and other treasures from the sea.

A year ago, we had an opportunity to return to Kauai with our 2 kiddos and our best friend, Bef. Once again, we enjoyed exploring each little alcove we could find. We even discovered a few new gems (Queen's Bath).

When we returned to Moloa'a we were blessed by a relatively low tide. This enabled the kids an opportunity to play in the surf protected by a natural outcropping of rock. There is a freshwater stream flowing into the ocean here so the little ones spent most of their time here, splashing and digging in the sand.

My little princess played football with Bef in the surf. It was so fun to watch her do her 'end-zone' dance. The days spent here on the shores of Kauai will forever be some of my fondest memories of the kids' childhood.

When we return to Kauai, I would love to stay at one of the beach rental houses, at least for a night or two (it would be hard to give up the luxuries of the resorts - I like vacations, in part, because I don't have to do much cooking). :)


  1. I loved Kauai. Dee Dee and I went there for a second honeymoon. I was all about finding great places to snorkel, and there were plenty. Dee Dee wouldn't snorkel with me, the chicken. I didn't make it to that beautiful little beach you have in your photo, but with so many to choose from and so little time... There's a little 3.1 million dollar home on the beach Dee Dee and I want to buy! LOL. Must go buy a lottery ticket now...

  2. God love the low tide! I was able to hang on the beach while Amara played in the ocean -- something I can't do at a lake here in the Midwest!


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