Saturday, March 3, 2007

Swimming & Snow Angels

G's been taking swim lessons the past couple of months. She has improved dramatically since mid-January. I'm very impressed.

The other day, when we returned home from swimming, we worked together to shovel the snow from the driveway. She did an awesome job ~ and was a huge help seeing as I have only one good arm. When we finished, she wanted to make snow angels on the lawn... this was her first and only attempt this year. I guess, as evident in the video, she wasn't too pleased.

If you listen carefully, you can hear her audibly announce her opinion... proof, once again, that we all must be careful about what we say around children. But let me assure you... this is NOT a word that I use. Not that I'm innocent of ever speaking in foul language... but this is just not one of them. Sh**, most definately... D**n it, on occasion... but never this one. When I shared this story with my dad, even he recognized that this particular word is one that DH is partial to using. You can rest assured that we've had a discussion about this.

What I find even more amusing, however, is that she can use this same word (crappy, if you didn't catch it in the video) in 2 completely different contexts.
#1 - as demonstrated so clearly in the video
#2 - "Why does Grandma have so much crap?" (I was helping my MIL organize some areas of her home recently when this question was posed so inquisitively.)

I tried to inquire about where she originally heard this word but she feined ignorance, claiming, "Oh, I just dreamed about it." I hear this a lot! :)


  1. Neat video, but I have to agree with G...her snow angel turned out kind of ***CRUSTY***. Unfortunately, the actual word she used in the video was overheard here in the Tokyo Narita airport where I listened to this. Now I am in some sort of international trouble with airport authorities. Seems they do not take too kindly to such profane outbursts. Gotta go........
    I'll try to give a call, assuming I am allowed 1 such call from jail! Thanks G!!!!!

    å€‹äººæƒ…å ±ã‚’é¸æŠž
    (Bef in Japanese) !!!

  2. Ohh! I love comments! Thank you for stopping by Bef ... once again, your cleverness has me in stitches over here. You Rock!

    I edited your post slightly, however, and removed G's full name. I try to be vague and not state the names of the kiddos & our exact location here for the world and the perverts who might read my blog.

    For other family/friends who might brighten my day by leaving a comment, please don't use our names... and feel free to sign "Aunt A" or "Aunt Nee Nee".

    Smiles & Hugs ~

  3. Well, crap, now I can't use this word ... better get it all out of my system before you folks travel out here for Easter Feaster. Crap, crap, crappy, crappola, crappy-doo, and ... wait a minute -- is crap in "scrap" as in "scrap-booking?" Bleah -- I'm done! I can't talk anymore. Good job, little tyke -- no more fun words for me :(.

    Kong (aka AN)


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