Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dream Dinners ~ WFMW

In May of last year, a friend invited me to a Dream Dinners 'Sneak Peak'. I booked a session the following week but for some reason, I didn't go back again until January, when I received a little bonus 'Welcome Back' insentive to try again. I booked another session and a week before my scheduled session, I fell and broke my wrist.

Rather than cancel, I sent my husband in on my behalf. Surprisingly, he actually enjoyed his time there and in my opinion, developed a little more appreciation for how much work is involved in meal preparation and cleaning. He returned home with approx. 16 meals for $156 ($9.75 per meal). The fact that the prep work was done was an incredible help to me - particularly these past couple months with my arm in a cast - I was physically unable to cut, dice, slice or otherwise prepare much of anything until a couple weeks ago.

Dream Dinners provides everything you need to assemble delicious dinners for your family, store in your freezer and then serve in the weeks ahead. They supply all the essentials, from easy-to-follow instructions to fresh, pre-cut ingredients and they clean up after you! The menu changes monthly and has seasonal dishes as well as customer favorites.

Best of all, everyone in my family, including the kiddos (4 1/2 and 2 years), has enjoyed the meals. I haven't heard a single complaint yet! I love how quick it is to pull out a dinner and have a fresh, home-cooked meal on the table within 30 minutes...more healthy and less expensive than take-out! Dream Dinners has become a regular part of my 'grocery shopping'.

Unfortunately, Dream Dinners is only available in select locations (check their website for a store nearest you). I know there are competitors as well... but I am not familiar with them.

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  1. I don't think we have one of these around here but I'll have to check into it. Thanks for the recommendation! =)


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