Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Things are Looking Up

Things are beginning to turn around. The highlights:

1) My little 'Prince' is no longer nursing... we cut him off 'cold turkey' Sunday evening and while he cried for about on and off for 60 minutes, he did manage to settle down, close his eyes and eventually fall asleep. Each night and day that has followed has progressively gotten easier. My boobs are huge now though and are very tender. When either of the kids tries to give me a hug now, I'm jumpy (they tend to be a little rough and I've been know to get an elbow or 2). :)

2) I called the 'powers that be' at the Eugene Marathon and they gave me the okay to switch to the half-marathon. I don't know for certain where I'll be in training when I am permitted by my doctor to run again, but I'm fairly confidant that I'll be able to do 13 miles. I'll hold off, for now, on setting any goals for finishing times. However, the half and full marathons begin at 7 am... the kids fun run begins at 9. It would be great to make it back in time to see the 'Princess' run. :)

3) I've recently received several inquiries about designing scrapbooks, business cards/logos, and websites for others. Fun! Exciting! Challenging Prospects! The first job I've been hired to do is a 12x12 wedding album (lavender/silver) for a friend of my mom's. I've also been asked to create a logo and corresponding business card, letterhead, and tshirt for a friend's gardening/yardwork business. I'm looking foward to each and hope to gain more prospects as my work gets around. :)

4) I've done a few workouts on a recumbant bike (45-60 min) and have really enjoyed them. Each time I've selected the 'cross-country' or 'varied terrain' programs and the intensity has varied between 1-18. My legs feel so heavy and jello-like when I'm done. I love it! I'm hooked now and look forward to continuing even after this blasted cast is removed... even doubling up on swim/run days. :)

5) Because of the fun I've had on the bike, I am now more determined to complete a triathlon this summer. Please note I said 'complete' not 'compete'... my goal is to finish not to place. :) There was a little quiz in the current issue of Runners World to determine what kind of runner I am... I scored as a 'PURIST'... a runner who enjoys the sport for the the sake of running... I like how it makes me feel afterward. Running is a part of my routine; it makes me feel complete. The same can be said of swimming and cycling. Although, I do continue to struggle with my form while swimming. I'm still quite a novice in the water. :)


  1. Hi Makita

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for WFMW.

    Wow, you're a runner. I have such admiration for you. I think I'm too lazy

  2. I'm glad you enjoy swimming and that you miss it. Keep the hunger burning until you get back in the pool!

  3. Dangit! Makita, I told you I'd keep to running and I haven't and look at you -- injury and still training with your sights on half marathons and triathalong! You girl, rock!

    Glad to hear the injury is healing...

  4. You are an excellent runner too! Hope the injury recovery is coming along nicely. So you cut the wee one off, eh? LOL. That will make you uncomfortable for a while. I didn't realize you were doing Eugene. I have other friends that are doing it as well. I hope you are able to do the half. I'm doing my first tri this year too. It will be a blast.


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