Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cycling & More Cycling

... oh yeah. And a little weight training.

The past couple of weeks have been hit/miss in regards to training. The child care center was full, we went out of town (my MIL had surgery on Valentine's Day! - she is doing very well, btw), and then the kiddos got sick.

Mon 5th - recumbant bike 45 min (8.5 miles 'cross-country'/intensity 1-14)
Tue 6th - recumbant bike 60 min (10 miles 'cross-country')
Wed 7th - nada
Thr 8th - nada
Fri 9th - recumbant bike 20 min (3.73 miles 'cross-country') + weights:

leg press 3x14 @ 240 lbs
leg exten 3x10 @ 60
leg curl 3x12 @ 60
hip add 3x12 @ 50
hip abb 3x12 @ 50
calves (bent knee press) 3x12 @ 220

Sat 10th / Sun 11th - nada

Mon 12th - recumbant bike 60 min (11 miles 'cross-country'/intensity 1-14)
Tue 13th - recumbant bike 30 min (6.2 miles 'intervals'/intensity 1-8)
Wed 14th - Sun 18th Out of Town

Mon 19th - 'Cycle for Athletes' class 45 min (?? miles)
Tue 20th - nada
Wed 21st - recumbant bike 40 min (?? miles 'cross-country') + weights:

leg press 3x14 @ 240 lbs
leg exten 3x10 @ 60
leg curl 3x12 @ 80
hip add 3x12 @ 50
hip abb 3x12 @ 50
calves (straight leg) 3x12 @ 160

I'm enjoying the weight training. I awake just a tad sore the next morning but feeling stronger. Will definately keep this a part of my program.

Hated the Cycling class. Good workout. But, I couldn't "rise up out of my seat" on the high intesity sets as I couldn't support myself and maintain balance with one arm. In addition... the seat sucks! I suppose if I really wish to continue cycling seriously (as I do for I want that triathlon in July); I'll need to buy padded cycling shorts. But then, I don't intend to buy a special bike. I'm just going to use my cushy towner as running is truly my thing. I just want to try the tri. I'll have to do some test rides with mine when the cast is removed to see if my seat is comfy enough for long rides.

On a positive note, I had my 3 week check-up yesterday with my ortho doc and he said things are healing well. Should be able to avoid surgery and get the cast removed in another 3 weeks! Yippee. He also gave me the okay to start running again starting next week. Awesome! I'm already revising my training plans. :)

Fun! Fun!


  1. "leg press 3x14 @ 240 lbs" WoW And I thought i was doing great at 110lbs.
    ; )

  2. So glad to hear you should be able to avoid surgery!! And reading your training schedule puts me to shame!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Thank goodness for Go Daddy! Cheap URL's! And I'm happy with the quirky little changes I made too, so thanks for the compliment! Just trying to be cool and hip like you! :)


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