Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scrapbooking for Others

Until now, I haven't posted any of the page I have done for my wedding album... just never got around to it. My mother called earlier tonight and requested that I post a few. So, here goes.

I like simplicity, especially with wedding photos. I have made 2 other albums similar to my own. With both, I used the colors of the wedding to choose the papers and cooresponding embellishments (generally just ribbons & metals). I did my album a little differently however, in that I chose black paper with silver writing; silver or pewter metal charms; and black & white ribbons.

I also thought I should post a few other samples. My style has changed a lot over the years, but I've always maintained a relatively clean, crisp layout.

I've had a few inquiries about how much I would charge to scrap for others. I haven't any experience in this (the albums I've done for others have been for gifts) yet I would love the opportunity. I scrapbook with both paper and digital materials...I'm biscraptual. :) Therefore, my customers would have the choice of the traditional paper scrapbook pages or digital scrapbook pages.

The 3 wedding albums I've done were all 8x8 (works very well for the showcasing one or occasionally two photos on each page) and the pages were very simple, designed to let the photo stand out. One color backgound paper, a second patterned paper or vellum (torn and placed either on the sides, top or bottom of the 2 page spread) and a few embellishments (ribbons, metal charms, etc.) are all that I use on the pages. For an album like this, materials alone were about $70. Therefore, a premade (i.e. no photos) album with 20 pages (with similiar embellishments/format on each page) would be $100.

Digital kits range in price from $3-20 and include all the coordinated papers, embellishments, etc. Depending on the desires of the customer, one or more kits may be purchased. With these kits, I can then create layouts or pages that showcase the customers photos (I'll need the photos in advance).

In choosing the digital route, the materials or kits purchased on behalf of the customer would be given to the customer on a CD at the completion of the project. This would enable the customer to use those kits again in future projects. Please note, I don't sell these kits... the customer will have the choice of which kits are purchased and will retain full ownership of the kit.

I will create four digital layouts or pages, regardless of size, for $20 (plus the cost of selected kits). Digital layouts will be provided on a CD in jpeg format which allows for printing at a local photo developing lab. Pages can then be framed or put into a traditional scrapbook. For an additional fee, I can print the pages for you.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to create your family keepsake. If you have questions or would like to see other examples of my work, please contact me at bud underscore eva at hotmail dot com (you'll need to decipher the email, shown in this way to avoid spam). :)

You can also click upon the link to my galleries at two online scrapbooking forums:
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  1. Hi Makita!

    Did you get all your blogger issues worked out. I know on firefox you can change the font size through the menu. You can also set it in your posts, but I don't think that is your solution. Nice job with the scrap booking. Very nice and the pictures as well! You are quite a swimmer I see!


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