Monday, January 15, 2007

Great Week (FIRST Week #15)

This past week incorporated some awesome workouts! I'm feeling stronger and (on occasion) faster!

MON - 2150 meters swimming (equiv. ~5.37 running miles)
600 m (mixed strokes) & 200 m kicking w/fins = warmup
300 m (form)
300 m (faster)
225 m (form)
225 m (faster)
150 m (form)
150 m (faster)
... I was supposed to do a 75 m set as well, but ran out of time - had to go get the kiddos from the Kid's Corner which closes at 1 p.m.

TUE - 5 miles speed work (goal: 20 min warmup, 4x800 at 4.05, 10 min cooldown)
25 min warmup
4 x 800 m at 3.17, 4.05, 3.36, 4.22
10 min cool down
... This was a fun and enjoyable workout, even with the stroller! I did it on Poplar (straight stretch w/ slight incline when going west, hence the slower times; same route going east has a slight downslope, hence the faster times). The kids put their arms up and would shout, "Wheeee!" as we zoomed up and over the driveways.

WED - Off
... There was no space in Kid's Corner for childcare (I had neglected to sign up the week prior)... so I was lazy today.

THR - 6 miles (goal: 1 easy, 5 @ PMP of 8.40, 1 easy)
... Snowing hard, no stroller. Took it easy to foot bridge and attempted to run the river trail portion at a brisk pace; completing the ~3 mile loop in 25.28 (a pace of 8.42). Had it not been snowing and thereby difficult to see rocks, etc. under the accumulated snow, I think I could have run a little faster. Took it easy on the way back as well.

FRI - Off. Lazy again,no excuses.

SAT - Easy 4.6 miles
... No stroller. Sunny. Had fun. Completed COI loop in 42.25 (a 9.1 pace).

SUN - 9.4 miles (goal had been 13)
... Pushed the stroller. DH went ahead to check mileage for 1/2 way turn-around point but when we met him on his way back, I elected to turn back as well. Thinking I'd finish the last 3 once the kiddos were at home with him... when I got back, he had a call from a friend and we decided to go to the 2:15 showing of Charlotte's Web. I wouldn't have time to finish the last 3... oh well. Pace = 11.5 Eeewh!!

Granted, we stopped near Red Robin along the river to observe a family of river otters play and enjoy a little fish snack... we also stopped to down 3 gels and some water... along with stopping on several occasions to answer questions of inquiring toddler minds and help open their animal cracker snacks... this must have taken at least 10 minutes... so my pace could have been 10.53... still Eeewh!! My long run easy pace should be 9.40. We'll work on that.

This week is starting off with a sour note... My little prince has the stomach flu. No swimming for me today. I'll do an easy run though. Let's see.. Coach Bob would probably have us do at least 1800 meters so that would be 4.5 miles at the least. Patty just called, so I'll have adult company as well. Maybe the week isn't so sour? :)


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