Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My New Home

Over the past few weeks, I have been strongly considering merging my 2 blogs AND trying the new blogger beta. I finally jumped in with both feet and will officially begin my new blog here in December 2006. :)

December will actually mark a number of new changes for me as I continue my quest to improve myself. As most of you know, I have recently run my first marathon. With one behind me and one on the horizon, I want to get better. Get faster.

Since I started training and working out regularly, I have lost a lot of weight. This has thus prompted the NEED to go shopping and update my wardrobe!! :) Unfortunately, the pants that I love and fit the best on my deriere are not so well fitted in the belly region. I love to eat. Running increases my desire to eat.

Thus... one of the things I will be changing in December is the quantity & quality of food that I consume. I will begin a food journal... to accompany my running log. I vow to consume fewer calories... fewer fatty foods.

Additionally, I will be adding weight training to my regime and abdominal work! I want a flat belly! This will take some time, I am aware. After 2 babies, my belly is a little stretched. :)

So... check back for more updates & please leave a comment! :)

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